• 3D Modelling of a single or multi component
  • Generation of .stl files
  • Exercise on CAD Data Exchange
  • Assembly of CAD modelled Components
  • Identification of a product for Additive Manufacturing and its process plan
  • Printing of identified product on an available AM machine
  • Post processing of additively manufactured product
  • Inspection and defect analysis of the additively manufactured product
  • Comparison of Additively manufactured product with conventional manufactured counterpart
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  • 3D Printing Services. We have state of the art Industrial grade machine to cater all your 3D printing needs, We support different materials to suit your needs based on application and working environments and we have our expert team to choose you the right materials.

  • Fused Deposition Modelling. FDM (fused deposition modeling) 3D printing creates custom parts by heating and extruding thermoplastics layer-by-layer. You can use FDM for initial and functional prototyping and low volume production in a variety of strong plastic materials. While FDM is the most affordable 3D printing technology, it’s far more than a small-scale manufacturing solution. 3D printing with FDM means getting access to thermoplastics, including PLA, ABS, TPU, PETG and NYLON, and a dimensional accuracy of ±0.5% with a lower limit of ±0.35 mm.

  • Functional Prototyping. If you are working on a new product or refining an existing one, rapid prototyping is ideal to test, iterate and adjust your concept. This is a way to speed up your designing process and bring your ideas and product to market faster.

  • Conceptual Modeling. 3D printing allows you to prove out your concept ideas by printing your 3D design as a one-off finished product within hours or days. A conceptual model is the perception a person has about a product or service. The conceptual model can change or be reinforced over time and is determined by the contact a person has with the product.

  • Product Engineering. A design is only as good as the execution, and our team of engineers ensure products are engineered for the real world. We can provide service to process designing and developing, assembling such that it can be produced as an item for sale through some production manufacturing process.