We believe in making things simpler and easier to use. We are an IT based company who have worked on multiple backgrounds in the hardware domain and trying to integrate different components and concepts in electronics to make products more efficient and viable, technically sound and commercial. We provide a solution for various kinds of problems. Our control system is based on Temperature, Humidity, Conveyor and Liquid/Gas flow. Our programs are PLC and Micro controller based. Actuations are based on Digital ON/OFF, PWM, High current drives and Servo drives. We work on with various kinds of sensors such as Current based Analog sensors; Voltage based Analog sensors and Digital sensors. We work on different prototype platforms such as RaspberryPi, beaglebone and ARDUINO.

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  • Firmware and Embedded Software Development. We can help with bare metal code, bootloaders, OS kernel programming to get your hardware working according to the specified requirements. We provide deep expertise in working with different hardware and CPU architectures including ARM, X86, PowerPC, AVR, PIC

  • Drivers and Board Support Packages Development. Our team can create a Board Support Package / OS Kernel package for your hardware to communicate with Embedded Linux, Android, Buildroot - based operating system or RTOS. We are also very experienced in driver development and optimization for connecting your hardware with peripheral modules and external devices.

  • Replatforming. Our experienced team has accomplished multiple migrations between different platforms. Legacy technologies and unsuccessful products require a lot of investment and can make your product too complicated to maintain and improve. Our main services would include Migration to Linux, Android, iOS, helping with containerization and moving your solution to Yocto platform.

  • Development of An Embedded System For A Larger Software Project. Thanks to our large, global teams of 800+ people, we are not just experienced firmware development professionals, but our company has an extensive background in “traditional” backend and frontend technologies, mobile apps, cloud services, as well as IoT. We can integrate your embedded system into existing enterprise IT landscape using APIs, or by building a mobile, desktop, web, or cloud application as a complete end-to-end development project.

  • Firmware and Embedded Software Testing. Software testing is a rigorous process that can be time consuming and requires certain technical skills and knowledge. Our team can help with manual and automated testing in both on-target or on-host modes. In both scenarios we use the most advanced testing techniques, tools, and frameworks like Vector Software, KlocWork, Parasoft DTP, Hitex to name a few.

  • APIs and Integrations. Experienced not only with Embedded Software, but also with traditional web and cloud-based apps, mobile, desktop, as well as IoT solutions. We can handle the end-to-end delivery and problem solving, and define the best scenario for your solution.

  • Embedded UI Development. We can help build a high-performing, scalable, and robust Graphical User Interface utilizing the most modern GUI technologies, including Linux-based frameworks like Qt, TotalCross, LVGL, uGFX, uGFX, GUIslice, GuiLite, or platform-independent Tcl/Tk, ReactJS Widgets, and web applications in AngularJS

  • Audit, Performance Tuning and Problem Solving. Should you have an issue with leaking memory, performance, or security of your product, our experts would gladly take the case and analyze your solution from hardware design, platform and low level code to the APIs and integrations.

  • Hardware Design and Prototyping. Our team can help you at any stage of your project's development process. From reference board selection, breadboard prototyping, board bring up and PoC. We can create a testing infrastructure, help you pick the right Reference Board or Evaluation Kit with all the needed peripherals and connected infrastructure, build a prototype, create a board support package for the needed Operating System (OS), and create or customize drivers and apps.