In industrial automation an industrial network is defined as the communication protocols used to supervise and control a given process. In industrial environments there is always need for analyzing the behavior of a process through its variables, and a data acquisition system can be the solution.

We take data for both machines and vehicles. Using CAN we take data from vehicles. Modules provide a smart link between the analog sensors and the digital CAN-Bus.

Mod-Bus is used to take data from machines. Modbus data acquisition (DAQ) uses the Modbus RTU protocol for communication.

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  • High Productivity. Implementing automation allows manufacturers to be productive 24*7 for the whole year. Machines can be used for the maximum number of hours without any breakdown and plants need not be shut for maintenance or holidays. This leads to a significant improvement in the productivity of the company.

  • High Quality. Automation causes zero error in the process, it will produce products with uniform quality which can be a challenge when done by human hands alone.

  • High flexibility. Adaptability is quite challenging for human beings whereas robots can be easily programmed and made available. A new task can be created and assigned with much ease, hence industrial automation is much more flexible.

  • High Information Accuracy. Data accuracy is high in automated shop floors. Chances for errors are zero. This will help in reducing waste and improving productivity.

  • High safety. Health and Safety and the workplace is very important. Industrial automation will make the production line safer for the employees, where you can deploy robots to do tasks that have high risks involved.